University of Burundi, 19 - 30 September 2022; Bujumbura, Burundi:African Mathematical Schools 2022

Mathematical Modeling, applications in Actuarial Sciences and Public Health

This EMA School will be held in Bujumbura Town from 19 to 30 September 2022 in Burundi.

Africans Mathematicals Schools are mainly supported by UMA-CIMPA, their main objectives are:
  • To identify talented students who are able to pursue Masters and PhD programs.
  • To provide Master students or early PhD students with the mathematical foundations and essential tools of selected active areas of mathematics.
  • To contribute to the development of mathematics in all regions of the African continent by promoting the exchange of knowledge between young African mathematicians and the international mathematical community
  • To break the isolation of African mathematicians by providing a platform for meeting fellow mathematicians from around the world, for exchanging knowledge and for sharing experience.

Target Audience
Early career researchers, PhD and Master's students

How to participate
For all wishing to take part please click here to apply.

   Courses and Principal Speakers

  • Course 1 : Jan Dhaene, KU Leuven(Belgique)
    Actuarial and Financial Valuations Principles

  • Course 2 : Léa Vermeire, KU Leuven (Belgique)
    Basic Concepts in Statistical Modeling

  • Course 3 : Guy Degla, UAC (Bénin)
    Optimisation de la Réassurance

  • Courses 4 : David Niyukuri (A), Nisubire Désiré (B),UB (Burundi)
    A. Exploring predictive frameworks for malaria in Burundi
    B. Tumor growth modeling at the scale of molecular and cellular

  • Courses 5: Patrick Weke, University of Nairobi (Kenya)
    A. Actuarial Modelling of Life and Other Contingencies
    B. Actuarial Techniques of Claims Reserving in Short-Term Insurance Contracts

  • Cours 6: Wandera Ogana, University of Nairobi (Kenya)
    A SIRD model applied to COVID-19 dynamics and intervention strategies duringthe first wave in Kenya

   Local organizing commitee:

  • Juma Shabani
  • Léonard Todjihoundé
  • Niyukuri David
  • Akimana Rachel
  • Kayoya Jean-Bosco and all members of Mathmatical Department

  Scientific commitee

  • Juma Shabani, Université du Burundi (Burundi)
  • Rachel Akimana, Université du Burundi (Burundi)
  • Jean-Pierre Ezin, Université d’Abomey Calavi (Bénin)
  • Léa Vermeire, Université de Leuven (Belgique)
  • Dehbia Achab, Université Paris 6 (France)
  • Michele Mukeshimana, Université du Burundi (Burundi)
  • Joël Tossa, Université d’Abomey Calavi (Bénin)
  • Aissa Wade, Pennsylvania State University, (USA)
  • Pélagie Houngue, Université d’Abomey Calavi (Bénin)
  • Janviere Ndirahisha, Université du Burundi (Burundi)
  • Ancille Ngendakumana, ENS (Burundi)
  • Jacques Faraut, Université de Paris 6 (France)
  • Jean-Pierre Gazeau, Université de Paris 7 (France)
  • Giueseppe Dito, Université de Bourgogne (France)
  • Guy Degla, Université d’Abomey Calavi (Bénin)
  • Kangni Kanyi, Université Félix Houphouet-Boigny (Côte d’Ivoire)


                Whatsapp:+257 79 988 664

UB:Université du Burundi(Burundi)
AMU:African Mathematical Union
CIMPA:Centre International de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées(France)
Centre d'Excellence d'Afrique en Sciences Mathématiques, Informatique et Application(Bénin)